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Automatic Carton Erector

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NX-6701ERT Automatic Carton Erector

-Carton erector automatically form and bottom seal different styles and sizes of cartons. After that is perfectly-form empty cartons that are ready to be filled and can integrate any carton sealers to seal top flaps. So form, pack and seal carton is all in one operation.

-With low or no tape detector, erecting failure detector, bottom sealing failure detector, low or no cartons at the magazine detector, also equipped with one small LCD digital display to show abnormal conditions. All ensure to show the signal at short time.

-Adopt vertical seal and no need the centering guide mechanism.
Easy change & Simple adjustment to increase production efficiency.
Minimum maintenance, durability and run good performance.

-New taping head incorporating a V shaped plate (patented) designed to keep the tape straight and in position for consistent sealing of every carton. This design is superior to previous blower devices.
Driven by power side belts, main drive mechanism adopt self-aligning ball bearing bracket providing exact and precise sealing, lower noise and lengthening belt life.

-Equipped with double type vacuum sucking arm to erect cartons more firm.
Professional aluminum frame safety fence to provide more safety working environment.

Automatic Carton Sealing Machine

Automatic Bag Inserter

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