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KWT Spriral Filling Pump

< Filling Machine

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The Piston Type filling machine is a traditional filling machine. It employs a rank for reciprocating motions combined with an eccentric adjustment device for filling volume adjustment. The filling volume adjustment range is relatively small and limited. For small filling volume, its reaction force is small. However, for large filling volume, with higher viscosity liquid, this type of machine will not work properly.

The Spiral Type filling machine is a universal filling machine. It employs an eccentric scew combined with a tight joint between screw and bushing that run in a single direction. A vacuum suction force is crated to draw the liquid. The screw is precision machined by a CNC lathe, ensuring filling accuracy to 0.5%. As the filling motion is driven by an eccentric screw, the reaction force is reduced. This special design permits the machine to fill higher viscosity liquid. This filling system with easy access to make adjustment for different filling volume by the LCD touch screen controller.

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