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Venhart Metal Seals for PP Strapping

< Strapping Tools -Polypropylene

Product Details:

Metal seals for PP, polyester and steel strap. Open and closed flange types in zinc, chrome or copper finish, some with indentations for better grip.

XSOP4 - 12mm Seals 0.5mm(T) x 25mm(L)
XSOP5 - 16mm Seals 0.5mm(T) x 25mm(L)
XSOP6 - 19mm Seals 0.5mm(T) x 25mm(L)

SUPER 4 - 12mm Seals with Indentations 0.4mm(T) x 25mm(L)
SUPER 5 - 15mm Seals with Indentations 0.5mm(T) x 28mm(L)
SUPER 6 - 19mm Seals with Indentations 0.5mm(T) x 28mm(L)

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Price: $47.50 box of 2000, XSOP4

$58.90 - box of 2000, XSOP5
$76.50 - box of 2000, XSOP6
$97.02 - box of 3000, SUPER 4
$81.51 - box of 2,000,SUPER 5
$119.93 - box of 2000, SUPER 6
* All prices exclude GST and are shown in Australian dollars.

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