Fully Automatic Small Container Filling and Sealing Machine

Australia's Exclusive Agent for Seal Pack, Taiwan


Humanified Operation !

High Speed! High Throughput !

Applicable Products:
Jelly, jam and butter.

Outstanding Features and Construction:
* Pneumatic cup falling.

* Equipped with PLC control combined with touch-sensing screen for maximum operational convenience.

* The piston filling device permits adjustment of filling quantity.

* Eliminate the conventional temperature control for multi-molds simultaneously, the machine is specially designed with independent temperature control on each mold.

* In case there is a trouble on the heating system, alarm lamp lights up individually. This provides fast and convenient check for heating system trouble.

* The machine is constructed of stainless steel to meet sanitation standards.

* Waste film can be collected automatically.

* Outfeed conveyor is available for delivering the finished products to the next processing equipment.

Established in 1981, Seal Pack Machinery Co., Ltd. is highly reputed manufacturer of automatic packaging machinery. Seal Pack specializes in design and manufacturing of a wide range of food and beverage filling sealing packaging machine. Based on Seal Pack's extensive manufacturing experience, we are qualified to provide whole plant planning, machine design and supply.

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