Fully Automatic Flap Folding and Sealing Machine

Fully-Auto Flap Folding and Sealing Machine -For Radom Size Carton


-Automatically adjust the cartons width and height and can use different carton size.

-Fold the top flaps automatically.

-Accomplish the operation successfully at one go. Be smooth and save strength. Suit with automation of packaging system.

-New tapping head incorporating a V shaped plate (patented) designed to keep the tape straight and in position for consistent seaing of every carton. This design is superior to previous blower devices.

-Up and down mechanism adopt import brake cylinder.

-Flexible cushion prevents box been jammed urder the top tapping head.

-Two sides belt driven, main driven mechanism uses special bearing bracket. its advantage is high precise, low noise to prolong the belts life.

-Tape overlap length can be adjusted, standard from 60 5mm .Tape overlap of 70 5mm or 90 5mm can be provided on request.

Automatic Carton Erector

Automatic Bag Inserter

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