Entry-level flow wrapper machine in operation

Entry Level Flow Wrapper

Introducing the Entry-Level Flow Wrapping Machine - Perfect for Small Businesses!

Industries that we specialised in: -

  1. Bakery Products: Flow wrapping machines can be used to package items like cookies, muffins, and bread rolls, ensuring freshness and presentation.
  2. Snack Foods: Packaging chips, pretzels, or candy bars in a flow wrap helps maintain product quality and extends shelf life.
  3. Soap and Bath Products: Flow wrapping can protect delicate soap bars and bath bombs, preventing moisture and damage during storage and transportation.
  4. Cosmetic Wipes: Facial cleansing wipes or makeup remover wipes can be efficiently packaged using flow wrapping for easy dispensing and preservation.
  5. Single-Use Medical Supplies: Items like sterile gauze, bandages, and swabs can be individually wrapped using flow wrapping machines for hygiene and easy handling.
  6. Over-the-Counter Medications: Flow wrapping can be used for packaging items like blister packs of pain relievers or allergy medications.
  7. Household Cleaning Supplies: Flow wrapping machines can package products like cleaning wipes or disinfectant wipes, ensuring they remain moist and effective.
  8. Gardening Seeds: Individual packets of flower or vegetable seeds can be packaged using flow wrapping, protecting them from moisture and external factors.

Features: -

  • User-friendly human machine interface control with 4.3inch touch screen for convenient operations.
  • Compact construction for limited floorspace as required.
  • Bag length indication ensures fast and accurate length adjustment.
  • Optional feeding systems are available for various products.
  • Equipped with precision photocell sensor for film realignment control.
  • The machine stops automatically when the film runs out.
  • Four sets of temperature controllers.
  • All product-contacted areas are in stainless steel or plastic construction.

Specifications: -

  • Operating Speed: from 20 - up to 80 packs per minute
  • Bag Length: from 80 up to 400mm dependent on machine selection
  • Max. Film Width (max. roll diameter): from 350mm up to 580mm dependent on machine selection
  • Product Width (max.): from 20 - up to 230 mm dependent on machine selection
  • Product Height: Max. 60 mm (90 mm)

Optionals that can be implemented: -

  • Gusset bag option to convert pillow packing to gusset bag packing
  • No product No Bag device
  • Labelling Machine
  • Printing and Coding Machine
  • Upgrade to Stainless Steel machine frame

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