Hot melt wax print on a cardboard box
Detailed view of print on a polystyrene container
Close-up of hot melt wax print on cardboard

Large Character Ink Jet Printer

A hot melt wax printer is a type of printingtechnology that uses heated wax-based ink to create high-quality prints onvarious surfaces. The printer heats the wax to a liquid state, which is thendeposited onto the printing medium to form text, images, or graphics. Thismethod is often employed in industries like packaging, labeling, and productmarking due to its durability and ability to adhere well to differentmaterials. 


Large Character Hot Melt Wax printer iscommonly used for printing on various packaging materials, such as coated/uncoatedpaper, cardboard corrugated boxes, synthetic materials, plastics, wood and somemetal surfaces for product identification and coding purposes.


  1. High quality printing
  2. Batch or lot numbers for product traceability.
  3. Expiry dates for perishable goods.
  4. Barcodes and QR codes for inventory and tracking purposes.
  5. Manufacturing dates for time-sensitive products.
  6. Serial numbers for individual product identification.
  7. Logo and branding elements for promotional purposes.
  8. Ingredient lists and nutritional information on food packaging.
  9. Warning labels and safety instructions on consumer products.
  10. Variable data for personalized marketing or packaging.
  11. Production codes for quality control and process tracking.


Markem Imaje Large Character Ink Jet printers’are capable of printing from low up to high speed printing applications


Markem Imaje Inks caters for a broad spectrumof applications to suit respective substrates with choices of ink colours.

Machine printing on polystyrene containers with hot melt wax

Large Character Ink Jet Printer

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