Product showcasing a label printed by the valve jet printer
Product with detailed label from valve jet printing
Close-up of valve jet printer in action, labeling a box

Valve Jet Printer

A valve jet printer is a type of non-contactinkjet printing technology used for various applications, including marking,coding, and labeling. It employs a series of electronically controlled valvesto release precise droplets of ink onto the printing surface. This printingmethod allows for high-speed, high-resolution printing and is commonly utilizedin industrial settings for product identification and packaging. 


Porous surfaces such as cartons, and paper


  1. Batch or lot numbers for product traceability.
  2. Expiry dates for perishable goods.
  3. Manufacturing dates for time-sensitive products.
  4. Serial numbers for individual product identification.
  5. Warning labels and safety instructions on consumer products.
  6. Variable data for personalized marketing or packaging.
  7. Alphanumerical


Markem Imaje Valve Jet Printers are capable ofprinting from low up to high speed printing applications


Markem Imaje Valve jet printer offers a widerange of either water-based or solvent-based consumables to suit varioussubstrates

Valve jet printer machine labeling a box in an industrial setting

Valve Jet Printer

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