Granule / Seed

Some of the industries we specialize in include:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care Products
  • Household Cleaning Products.
  • Chemical Industry
  • Automotive and Lubricants
  • Paint and Coating Products

Product Capability:

Our state-of-the-art filling system boasts exceptional versatility and efficiency in handling a wide variety of granules and dry goods. With precision and reliability, it can seamlessly fill all types of substances, meeting the specific requirements of different industries.


At Nexus Australia, we understand that each industry has unique volume requirements for granular and dry products. Therefore, our solutions are designed to accommodate your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your production demands, whether you require large-scale or smaller batch production.

System Options:

Choose from a selection of advanced granules and dry goods filling systems to suit your preferences and operational demands:

  • Volumetric Cup Filler: Ideal for precise dosing of granular and dry products using volumetric cups.
  • Auger Filler: Offers controlled filling for granular and powdered substances.
  • Weight Scale Filler: Provides accurate filling by measuring the weight of the granules or dry goods.
  • Multihead Weighing System: Ensures high-speed and accurate weighing of multiple granular components simultaneously.
  • Gravity Flow Filler: Ensures consistent and controlled filling for granular substances.

Integration Capability:

Our filling systems can be seamlessly integrated into your production line to fill onto bottles, tubs, and bags. Whether you need to fill granules and dry goods into various packaging types, we have the solution to meet your specific packaging requirements.


Our filling systems offer an impressive range of throughput rates, starting from an entry-level up to high-speed production line, ensuring efficient production at any scale to meet your granules and dry goods filling needs.


Our expertise extends to various filling system configurations, including:

  • In-line Filling System: Ensures continuous and efficient filling in a straight-line process for granular and dry products.
  • Rotary Filling System: Suitable for high-speed filling in a rotary setup, maximizing productivity for granular and dry goods.

Our Commitment:

At Nexus Australia, we take pride in delivering high-performance filling solutions that meet the unique demands of your industry. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the best-in-class technology for your production line. Trust Nexus Australia for efficient, reliable, and tailor-made granules and dry goods filling solutions to optimize your production process.

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Machine filling bottles with granules