Laser-printed codes on a candy bar wrapper
Laser-printed codes and expiry date on the bottom of a canned drink
Laser-printed text on a glass bottle

Laser Printer

The Industrial Laser Printer is a non-contactprinting technology designed for high-speed printing on various industrialsurfaces using a laser beam. This versatile printing method offers compatibilitywith different laser-compatible materials, making it highly suitable forapplications in the food, pharmaceutical, packaging, and electronicsindustries.


Markem Imaje laser printer technology iscommonly used for printing on various packaging materials, such as paper,cardboard, plastics(PET, PVC, HDPE, LDPE), glass bottles, metal cans, andflexible films. Additionally, it is applied to other substrates like wood,fabrics, foils, rubber, ceramics, and electronic components for productidentification and coding purposes.


  1. Batch or lot numbers for product traceability.
  2. Expiry dates for perishable goods.
  3. Barcodes and QR codes for inventory and tracking purposes.
  4. Manufacturing dates for time-sensitive products.
  5. Serial numbers for individual product identification.
  6. Logo and branding elements for promotional purposes.
  7. Ingredient lists and nutritional information on food packaging.
  8. Warning labels and safety instructions on consumer products.
  9. Variable data for personalized marketing or packaging.
  10. Production codes for quality control and process tracking.


Markem Imaje laser printers are capable ofprinting from low up to high speed printing applications


No consumables are required for laser printermaking it one of the most desired printing system for production facilities

Industrial laser printer machine for high-speed printing

Laser Printer

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