CoBot Palletiser

Introducing Cobot for Palletising: Streamlining Packaging Solutions with our Robotic system

At Nexus Australia, we're proud to introduce our Collaborative Robot, or "Cobot," as an innovative solution for palletising tasks within packaging systems. Cobots are designed to work alongside human operators, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and safety in palletising applications.

What is a Cobot? :

A cobot, or collaborative robot, is a type of robot designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace. Unlike traditional robots that often operate in separate areas for safety, cobots are built to interact safely with people, often assisting with tasks like assembly, picking items, or other repetitive work. They're typically smaller and equipped with sensors to ensure they can work safely close to humans.

What Cobots Can Do:

  1. Automated Palletising: Cobots excel in automating the process of stacking boxes or items onto pallets. With a payload capacity of up to 20kg (optional 30kg), they can precisely place each item according to predefined patterns, ensuring consistency and  optimising space utilisation.
  2. Flexible Programming: With a reach of up to 1.8m stacking height, cobots offer the flexibility to handle various palletising requirements. Their new job setup takes less than 30 minutes, and with readily available job memory for selection, cobots streamline the programming process for quick deployment.
  3. Collaborative Operation: Unlike traditional industrial robots, cobots are designed to work alongside human operators without the need for safety barriers. This collaborative nature allows for seamless interaction between humans and machines, fostering a safer and more productive working environment.

Advantages of Cobots in Palletising:

  1. Increased Efficiency: By automating repetitive palletising tasks, cobots significantly reduce manual labour requirements and cycle times. With a packing speed of up to 12 cartons per minute (subject to packing requirements), cobots enhance throughput and     overall productivity.
  2. Improved Flexibility: Cobots offer unmatched flexibility in adapting to changing production demands. They can easily switch between different palletising patterns, product types, and production setups, minimising downtime and maximising operational agility.
  3. Enhanced Safety: With advanced safety features such as force sensing and collision avoidance, cobots ensure safe interaction with human workers. This not only reduces the risk of workplace accidents but also enhances employee confidence and morale.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: By streamlining palletising processes and optimising resource utilisation, cobots deliver long-term cost savings. Their lower maintenance requirements and energy-efficient operation further contribute to a favourable return on     investment.

Industries and Examples:

Cobots for palletising find applications across various industries where efficient handling and stacking of goods are paramount. Some examples include:

  1. Food Manufacturing: Cobots streamline palletising operations in food processing facilities by handling packages of ingredients, finished products, and packaging materials, ensuring hygiene standards and compliance with food safety regulations.
  2. Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing: In pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, cobots palletise boxes of medicines, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products with precision and adherence to quality standards, supporting efficient distribution and logistics.
  3. Beverage Manufacturing: Cobots play a crucial role in the beverage industry by palletising crates, bottles, cans, and packaging materials, facilitating seamless production processes and timely delivery to distribution centres and retailers.
  4. Any Manufacturing Processes Requiring Palletising: Cobots are adaptable to various manufacturing environments where palletising is a necessary step. Whether it's automotive parts, electronics components, or other industrial products, cobots streamline palletising tasks to enhance efficiency and productivity.

In summary, cobots revolutionise palletising applications by combining automation, flexibility, and safety in auser-friendly package. With Nexus Australia's expertise in packaging system integration, we're committed to helping businesses across diverse industries optimise their palletising operations.

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