VFFS - Vertical Form Fill and Seal

A vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machine is a packaging system used to create and seal bags from a roll of flexible film material. The machine forms the bag, fills it with the product, and then seals the top to create a closed package. VFFS machines are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries for efficient and automated packaging processes.

Types of Bags

1. Pillow Bags: The most common type of bag produced by VFFS machines, characterized by a simple rectangular shape with a sealed top and bottom.

2. Gusseted Bags: These bags have expandable sides (gussets) that allow for increased volume capacity, making them ideal for products that need extra space.

3. Quad Seal Bags: Quad seal bags have four side panels, providing more stability and a square-shaped base. They are commonly used for heavier or bulkier products.

4. Stand-up Pouches: These bags have a bottom gusset that allows them to stand upright, making them popular for retail displays and easy storage.

5. Three-Side Seal Bags: These bags have three sealed edges and an open top, often used for single-serving products or samples.

6. Sachets: Small, single-use pouches commonly used for packaging condiments, sauces, and other small quantities of products.

7. Zipper Bags: Bags equipped with a resealable zipper feature for easy opening and closing, extending the product's shelf life.

8. Quad Seal with Zipper: Bags combining the quad seal design with a resealable zipper, providing both stability and convenience.


Our liquid filling systems offer an impressive range of throughput rates, starting from an entry-level up to high-speed production line, ensuring efficient production at any scale to meet your liquid filling needs.

Dosing Method Options

1. Auger Filling: This method uses a rotating auger (screw) to dispense powdered or granular products into the bag. The auger's rotation is controlled to ensure precise and consistent filling.

2. Volumetric Cup Filling: Volumetric cup fillers use predetermined cups of specific volumes to measure and dispense products like granules, powders, and small parts into the bags.

3. Multihead Weighing: In this method, multiple weighing scales are used to measure the desired weight of the product, and then the combined measured amounts are dispensed into the bag.

4. Liquid Pump Filling: For liquid products, a pump is used to control the flow and volume of the liquid into the bag accurately.

5. Counting Systems: This method is used for counting and filling specific quantities of individual items (e.g., tablets, capsules, or small hardware components) into the bag.

6. Piston Filling: Piston fillers use a piston and cylinder mechanism to measure and dispense liquid or viscous products accurately.

7. Combination Weighers: These machines use a combination of weighing and vibration to fill the bags with precise amounts of granular or small-piece products.

8. Net Weight Scales: Net weight scales measure the weight of the entire package (product and packaging material) and then dispense the appropriate amount of product to achieve the desired net weight.

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Vertical form fill and seal machine sealing plastic bags tightly