Cartoning System

Versatile Carton Handling and Robotic Applications

Nexus Australia’s cartoning system offers a comprehensive solution for all your packaging needs. The cartoning machine excels in handling various carton types catering to different packaging needs and product specifications. Furthermore, our integrated carton erector efficiently prepares the cartons for packaging, ensuring a smooth and automated process. The carton erector precisely folds and forms the cartons, ready to receive your products seamlessly.

Product to Carton Placement and Carton Taping:

With our advanced robotic applications, the precise placement of products into the cartons is achieved with utmost accuracy. The robotic system ensures consistent and gentle handling, reducing the risk of product damage during the packaging process. Additionally, our cartoning machine features an efficient carton taping system that securely seals the cartons, providing a reliable and tamper-evident packaging solution.

Safety and Compliance:

We prioritize the safety of your operators and compliance with industry regulations. Our cartoning system and robotic applications are designed and manufactured to meet stringent safety standards, ensuring a secure working environment.

Customized Solutions for All Applications: At Nexus Australia, we understand that each industry and product have unique packaging requirements. That's why we offer customized solutions for automated cartoning processes that cater to your specific applications. Whether you require special carton sizes, shapes, or specific handling capabilities, we can tailor our cartoning machine and robotic applications to meet your exact needs.


1. Enhanced Packaging Efficiency: With our cartoning system and robotic applications, manual cartoning processes are replaced with seamless, automated operations. This significantly reduces labor requirements and enhances overall packaging efficiency.

2. Reduced Packaging Costs: Our customized cartoning solutions ensure efficient use of carton materials, reducing packaging waste and resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.

3. Improved Product Protection: The accurate and gentle cartoning process in our custom solutions ensures that your products are protected during handling and transportation, minimizing the risk of damage.

4. Consistent Product Presentation: Our cartoning machine, combined with tailored robotic applications, maintains uniform carton appearance and alignment, presenting your products attractively on store shelves and enhancing brand reputation.


Our cartoning system with versatile handling capabilities and robotic applications finds applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, personal care, and household products.

Invest in our cutting-edge cartoning system, robotic applications, and customized automation solutions to optimize your packaging operations and elevate your product presentation. Partner with us and experience the benefits of seamless cartoning and increased productivity.

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Cartoning System

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