Dough Divider

A dough divider is a specialized piece of bakery equipment that precisely portions bulk dough into uniform smaller pieces. It employs mechanical mechanisms like rollers and blades to cut and divide the dough while maintaining consistent weight and shape. This automation enhances bakery production by ensuring uniformity and saving time during the preparation of various baked goods.

  1. Hopper: The machine typically has a large hopper where the bulk dough is loaded for processing.
  2. Divider Mechanism: This is the core component of the machine that divides the bulk dough into smaller, equally sized portions. The mechanism might involve a combination of rollers, blades, and presses to gently and precisely cut the dough.
  3. Weight Control: Many Rheon dough dividers come with advanced weight control systems. These systems ensure that each divided dough piece meets the desired weight specifications, maintaining uniformity in the final products.
  4. Adjustability: The machine can usually be adjusted to produce dough pieces of different sizes and weights. This flexibility allows bakers to create various products, from small rolls to larger bread loaves.
  5. Speed: The speed of the machine's dough dividing process is a crucial feature. Higher speeds can increase the production output of a bakery or food processing facility, contributing to overall efficiency.
  6. Gentle Handling: Rheon dough dividers are designed to handle the dough gently to avoid damaging the dough structure. This is particularly important for producing high-quality baked goods with desirable texture and consistency.
  7. Automation: Depending on the model, Rheon dough dividers might offer automation features such as programmable settings, touchscreen interfaces, and even integration into larger automated production lines.
  8. Ease of Cleaning: Hygiene is crucial in food processing, so Rheon machines are often designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and components to minimize downtime between batches.
  9. Quality and Reliability: Rheon is known for producing high-quality equipment that is reliable and durable, contributing to the efficiency and productivity of bakery operations.
  10. Additional Attachments: Some models of Rheon dough dividers might have optional attachments for further processing, such as sheeting or filling capabilities.

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Machine dividing dough into even pieces for baking