Rotary Tub Filling Machine

Introducing Our Rotary Tub Filling System

A rotary tub filling system is a highly efficient packaging solution designed for filling containers, typically tubs or cups, with various types of products such as liquids, powders, or solids. This automated system features a rotating platform with multiple stations, each dedicated to specific packaging steps. The tubs move along the stations in a circular motion, starting with container loading, followed by accurate product dosing, sealing or capping, and often including labeling or printing. This system not only ensures consistent and precise filling but also enhances production speed, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking reliable high-volume packaging solutions.

Suitable for: -

Our rotary tub filling system is customizable to perfectly match your specific needs, whether you're packaging

· liquids,

· powders, or

· granules.

We tailor the system to your product, ensuring efficient and precise filling regardless of the material. Experience the flexibility of our solution, designed to handle a wide range of substances and streamline your packaging process.

Advantages of Rotary Tub Filling System

Our rotary tub filling system offers several key advantages. It is fully customizable, designed to cater to the unique requirements of each application. Additionally, it can be configured with multiple stations, enabling precise functions like: -

· Tub Denesting

· Single or Multiple filling

· Tub Sealing,

· Tub Capping, and

· Any special application

This adaptability ensures that we can tailor the machine to perfectly match your specific needs and deliver a comprehensive solution that optimizes your packaging process.

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Rotary machine filling and sealing tubs in a circular motion for high-volume packaging