Capping System

Introducing Our Fully Automatic Capping Machine: Precision, Entry Level to High-Speed Efficiency - Tailored to Your Specific Requirements!

At Nexus Australia, we are thrilled to unveil our cutting-edge fully automatic capping machine, a pinnacle of innovation in the packaging industry. Designed to elevate your production processes, this state-of-the-art capping solution offers precision torque tightening, efficient operation from entry level to high-speed, and robotic pick and place capabilities for pump caps and trigger sprayers. What sets this capping machine apart is its ability to be tailored to your specific requirements, making it a custom-made solution for your unique packaging needs.

Key Features:

1. Precision Torque Tightening: Our fully automatic capping machine ensures consistent and reliable cap tightening with precision torque control, guaranteeing secure and leak-free seals for your products.

2. Robotic Pick and Place for Pump Caps and Trigger Sprayers: Equipped with advanced robotics, our capper expertly handles pump caps and trigger sprayers, ensuring precise placement on containers and enhancing production efficiency.

3. Efficiency at Entry Level to High-Speed: From entry-level operations to high-speed production demands, our capping machine adapts to your requirements, ensuring seamless performance and reliability.

4. Cap Sorter: The integrated cap sorter efficiently organizes and supplies caps, streamlining the capping process and minimizing downtime.

5. Waterfall System: The innovative waterfall system enhances cap feeding, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted capping operations, even with different cap sizes and styles.

6. Optional Inspection System: For enhanced quality control, you have the option to integrate an inspection system that checks for proper cap placement, cap alignment, and seal integrity, ensuring that every product meets your rigorous standards.

7. Wide Range of Cap Types: Our fully automatic capping machine is engineered to handle a diverse range of cap types, including screw caps, snap-on caps, press-on caps, flip-top caps, trigger sprayers, and pump caps, providing flexibility to meet the specific needs of your packaging requirements.

Experience the future of capping technology with our fully automatic capping machine, a reliable and efficient custom-made solution for businesses seeking speed, precision, and seamless packaging. Embrace the productivity revolution with Nexus Australia!

Machine applying and tightening caps on multiple bottles

Capping System

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