Label on a cherry tomato container made using thermal transfer
Label on a packet of peanuts made using thermal transfer
Clothing tag printed with thermal transfer technology

Thermal Transfer Printer

Thermal Transfer Printing (TTP) is an industrial printingtechnology that uses heat to transfer ink from a ribbon onto various surfaces.It is a contact-based printing method that offers high-quality and durableprints, making it suitable for applications in industries such asmanufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and retail.


Thermal Transfer Printing (TTP) technology is commonly usedfor printing on a wide range of substrates, including paper, cardboard,plastics (PET, PVC, HDPE, LDPE), synthetic materials, labels, tags, andflexible films. It is also applied to various materials like textiles, ribbons,and special coatings for product labeling and identification purposes.


  1. Product information like batch or lot numbers for traceability.
  2. Expiry dates for perishable goods and pharmaceutical products.
  3. Barcodes and QR codes for inventory management and tracking.
  4. Manufacturing dates for time-sensitive products.
  5. Serial numbers for unique product identification and authentication.
  6. Brand logos and graphics for branding and promotional purposes.
  7. Text and warnings for safety and compliance on consumer goods.
  8. Variable data for personalized labels and packaging.
  9. Pricing and product details for retail labeling.
  10. Data matrix codes for specific industry requirements.


Thermal Transfer Printers are capable of printing at varyingspeeds to accommodate different production requirements.


Thermal Transfer Printers use thermal transfer ribbons asconsumables, catering to diverse applications with choices of ribbon types andcolors. The ribbons are available in wax, wax-resin, and resin formulations tosuit the specific substrate and printing needs.

Thermal transfer printer with its LCD showing upcoming print details

Thermal Transfer Printer

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