Bleach line filling system in a production setup

Nexus Bleach Line Filling System

Introducing our revolutionary filler designed specifically for bleach products - a game-changer in the market! What sets this filler apart is its unparalleled innovation in handling bleach filling, with a standout feature being the exceptional 5L wet area of the piston cylinder.

  1. Unmatched Material Compatibility: Our filler is custom-engineered for bleach products, known for their corrosive nature that renders them incompatible with stainless steel. To ensure the highest product integrity, we've crafted all contact parts and the buffer tank from UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) - a material that guarantees complete protection against corrosion from acoustic products, safeguarding your product's purity and quality.
  2. Precision with 5L Wet Area Piston Cylinder: The heart of our filler lies in its exclusive Individual Servo Driven Piston Pump with an impressive 5L wet area capacity per stroke. This cutting-edge feature enables precise and consistent filling of up to 5 liters of bleach, catering to high-speed production needs without compromising on accuracy.
  3. Versatility without Compromise: With a filling range from 500ml to 5L, our filler offers unparalleled flexibility to handle various bottle sizes, making it the ideal solution for a diverse range of packaging requirements. No matter the volume, our 5L wet area piston cylinder ensures uniform and reliable filling results.
  4. Speed and Accuracy Redefined: Embrace top-notch efficiency with the ability to achieve up to 16 bpm for 5L bottles based on this six-head filler (non-foamy products) thanks to our state-of-the-art servo-driven piston pump. Furthermore, our filler's filling accuracy of plus-minus 1% guarantees consistent product volumes and minimal waste.
  5. Seamless Changeover: Our innovative design allows for effortless changeover between different bottle shapes and sizes. The easy-to-use adjustment mechanism optimizes downtime, ensuring continuous production flow and rapid adaptability.
  6. Elevating Filling Excellence: Experience superior bottom-to-top filling operations with our Servo Lifting Platform, delivering enhanced control, precision, and minimized spills - essential for flawless bleach filling.
  7. Complete Cleanliness Assurance: With strategically placed drip trays, our filler maintains a pristine and hygienic filling environment, preventing spills and product overflows during the process.
  8. Empowering Production Management: Our integrated bottle counting system empowers operators to accurately monitor filled bottle quantities, streamlining production tracking and inventory management.

Embrace the future of bleach product filling with our cutting-edge filler, carefully crafted with the revolutionary 5L wet area piston cylinder, setting new industry standards for performance, efficiency, and product safety. Experience excellence in bleach filling with our advanced automation solution, tailor-made to elevate your production process.

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