Rotary Tub Filling Machine

Rotary Tub Filling Machine

Nexus Rotary Filling System for Tubs and Containers: Precision in Action

Discover how our rotary filling solution revolutionized production efficiency.

We are proud to introduce the cutting-edge Nexus Rotary Filling System, meticulously designed to elevate production processes. This advanced system is equipped with five integral stations: tub denesting, piston filling, tub sealing, tub capping, and tub ejecting. With a versatile capacity of 15 to 20 tubs per minute, the system's performance adapts to the specific product being filled.

Key Features and Benefits:

Crafted to meet each client's unique demands, the Nexus Rotary Filling System stands out in the filling and packaging industries. Highlighted features include:

  1. Full Customization: Our rotary filling solution offers complete station customization, tailored to individual client requirements.
  2. Precision Filling: Achieving accuracy levels of ±1%, the piston filling system ensures precise measurements. Our adaptable approach allows us to select the optimal filling system for various products.
  3. Optimized Footprint: Recognizing the significance of machine placement, especially in clean room environments within the food industry, we've prioritized a compact footprint.

Tailor-Made Solutions: Fully Customizable Options

  1. Versatile Filling: Our rotary filler handles liquids, powders, and granules, adapting to diverse requirements. We employ appropriate dosing processes for a wide range of applications.
  2. Dynamic Rotary System: Our adaptable rotary system seamlessly integrates additional functionalities.

    These encompass:
  • Denesting: Accommodating tubs, cups, and containers.
  • Sealing: Supporting induction seals and heat-sealable films.
  • Capping: Capable of capping tubs, cups, or trays as needed.
  • Ejecting Station: Efficiently ejecting filled containers onto the outfeed conveyor.

Experience the future of precision filling with the Nexus Rotary Filling System. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

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