Servo-driven flow wrapper for enhanced packaging efficiency

Servo Powered Flow Wrapper - Changeover with ease

Introducing Our Premium Flow Wrapper: Effortless Changeovers with Four Servo Motors!

Discover the pinnacle of packaging innovation with our new Premium Flow Wrapper featuring a state-of-the-art design driven by four advanced servo motors. Experience packaging perfection with swift and seamless changeovers that adapt effortlessly to your varying product needs. Say goodbye to down time and hello to simplicity without compromising on reliability and reduces down time. Explore the future of packaging today!

Best in the class for customer who requires: -

1.      Frequent changeover for packing different products

2.      Frequent film changeover for different SKUs

Why ?

This flow wrapper is driven by four servos with capabilities of storing pre-set memories for different products. With a click of a button, all parameters will be loaded without much of a manual adjustment as compared to conventional flow wrapping machine.

Four Servo driven in adjusting: -

1.      End Sealing Unit – automatically synchronize to seal and cut with respective speed

2.      In Feed Feeding Chain – automatically synchronize with speed to feed the product

3.      Film Tension Adjustment – automatically synchronize with speed for different film material

4.      Film pulling – automatically synchronize with speed for different length and film material

All the above works hand in hand in achieving the perfect result every time drastically reducing the need for mechanical adjustment.

Specifications (subject to actual application, our flow wrappers can be re-designed to suit)

Operating Speed: - Up to 60 packs / minute dependent on bag size and in-feed speed

Film Roll Width: From 300mm up to 580mm

Optional that can be implemented: -

·      No Product No Bag system

·      Printing and Coding Solution

·      Pick & Place System for in feed

·      Sorting Conveyors for in feed

·      Auto splicer for high speed

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